Saturday, 15 October 2011


Sorry I have been neglecting my blog, I have been out of the country for a while.

Something you have to start thinking about early in the your bboying life, if u want to continue and excell at it is taking care of your body. When your a young teenager your energy seems almost limitless, and your recovery from training only takes a very short amount of time. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! Bboys are on a time limit like most atheletes, eventually your body will give out and you wont be able to perform at the level you once could. The people who are still dope from back in the day like poe one, kwikstep, storm etc. These guys keep hella fit and take care of there bodies, running everyday, giving enough resting time, stretching every day, eating right, drinking enough water.

One thing that can end a bboys career early is injury. In my twenties now i have managed to avoid serious injuries by some sort of miracle but I pritty much always have minor injuries, same as most bboys. But as you've been bboying for a number of years things you have worked on alot start to wear down, in particular knees and elbows... so for god sakes get some good quality protection so you can keep training and competing for years to come. Training smart and living healthy are the key. take care of yourself.

Monday, 15 August 2011

The Freshest Techniques: The first video

The Freshest Techniques: The first video: "This is the first of many videos to come from The Freshest Techniques. BBoy's Moose and P-Bear, representing 'Bustin a Hump' UK."

The first video

This is the first of many videos to come from The Freshest Techniques. BBoy's Moose and P-Bear, representing 'Bustin a Hump' UK.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Freshest Techniques: On the subject of Biting.

The Freshest Techniques: On the subject of Biting.: "I was reading through some of the threads on and the subject of biting had come up after seeing a video of some..."

On the subject of Biting.

I was reading through some of the threads on and the subject of biting had come up after seeing a video of some guy ripping off a well know bboys moves (if your not already a member of that site I suggest you go sign up now they recieve alot of footage that are not posted on other similar forums).

Biting - to copy/imitate/use someone elses moves and style. When you create something original, you have a huge sense of pride in that movement or technique, and for someone to take your move and claim it at the own is the highest form of dissrespect in my opinion.

The following post is from Bboy Freeze, Ghost crew, Sweden (very well respected) in response to some guy trying to justify biting.

I went into this culture with open eyes. I built of the crews who reached out of NYC in the early 80´s. I was def a biter at that time. But thru cyphers i learned to find myself in this dance and to be creative. The saying that everything has been done before is not all out true in my opinion. Shure the foundation is there. But what you do with it is the key.
Creativity is important in any art form.
The day i cant come up with something new n fresh is the day i will stop.
Clones are the worst type of biters there is. Cause they feed of originality. Its not just moves a clone take, its even personality.

Sure this kid is a clone, but he got potential. He just needs to find himself.

I hear people all the time complaining about clones and biters at jams. But nobody is putting them on a blast. Why ? This i think is a big difference between the past and present. I think its because of the competitions. The leave no room for the social aspects of our culture. By social aspects i mean schooling or savage schooling. We need it. Its our ritual and way of learning and sharing. Call and response.


dope knowledge, biters should be pointed out not tolerated, stay fresh.

Friday, 12 August 2011

The Freshest Techniques: Introduction

The Freshest Techniques: Introduction: "This is a new blog dedicated to the art of bboying (break dancing) but will also delve into other relevant avenues. The blog will feature Tu..."

The Freshest Techniques: Things Coming up soon!

The Freshest Techniques: Things Coming up soon!: "Interviews with some UK breaks and hiphop dj's. Gettin to know them and they're reasons for doing what they do, also including some challeng..."